To everyone who attended Pasta for Puppets, or wished us well from afar:

I am sending a very belated THANK YOU for a wonderful evening. Pasta for Puppets was a roaring success. Great food, great music, great people! You support meant so much to me.

For those of you who are curious, we met our budget goal to match the Metropolitan Regional Arts Council Community Arts Grant we received to produce the original work Children and Other Optical Illusions. The funds will help support seven artists, a theater technician, and the very worthy Dreamland Arts, where our show is being performed.

Children and Other Optical Illusions will run June 17-19 at Dreamland Arts in St. Paul.

Click here for more information about the show.

Special thanks to Tracy Yue of One Dish At a Time and the jazz trio Fermentation. Both graciously donated their time to this event.

With gratitude,