Anne Sawyer-AitchSawyer-Aitch’s giant swallow puppets are now hanging in Wadena’s An Open Book.

On the weekend of October 24, Anne and her husband Jemiah trucked seven of her large swallow puppets up to Wadena, MN to hang in An Open Book. Resident Artist Jamie Houts – who is creating a series of charming Alice in Wonderland paintings for the independent book store – directed the installation of the birds, assisted by Jemiah Aitch, Chris Houts, and many helpful kids.

The swallow puppets, which Sawyer-Aitch created for the In the Heart of the Beast’s May Day Parade in 2008, are made of bamboo, cardboard, and batiked agricultural fabric. For the previous three months, they had been hanging in the 801 gallery in downtown Minneapolis, as part of a show that Anne co-curated with Art Car Maven Jan Elftman.

“We’ve been getting rave reviews about the birds,” says An Open Book owner Gillette Kempf. Kempf is also a board member of the New York Mills Cultural Center, where Sawyer-Aitch recently enjoyed an Artist in Residence Retreat.

If you happen to be in the area, An Open Book is located in downtown Wadena, and shares a roof with the delightful Harvest Thyme Bistro. Harvest Thyme focuses on serving healthy local food. One can easily spend the afternoon floating between the bookstore – with its fine selection of new and used classics, science fiction, and fantasy – and the bistro. If you do, look up, and you will see the birds barnstorming the place.