Mars on Life

Mars on Life by Anne SawyerA new book by Anne Sawyer

Mars on Life is a picture book for adults, teens, and tweens. Yep.

Mars on life was inspired, in part, by David Bowie’s question: “Is there life on Mars?”It names the “otherness” we all feel from time to time, and the ways that we search for meaning and joy. The odd creatures in the book began appearing in my sketchbooks in 2018, in the dark of winter. I don’t know why they showed up. But it turns out these peculiar little guys had something to tell me.

“A sweet little book with a huge heart and beautiful art” – Brett Warnock, Editor and Publisher of Kitchen Table Magazine, and former Editor and Publisher of Top Shelf Productions.

Nalah Visits Mad Mouse City

Anne Sawyer-AitchThe sequel to the Anne Sawyer’s first children’s book and puppet show Nalah and the Pink Tiger is in progress!

Nalah Visits Mad Mouse City will also become a touring show and picture book. Anne hopes to have both ready to premiere by October of 2014.

Puppetry in the Schools

Anne Sawyer-AItch stilters classThis August marked the third year of Anne directing the Kalevala Puppet Pageant of New York Mills Regional Arts Center. From stilting bears to a skateboarding witch, the townspeople of New York Mills and Wadena created a magical ending to the Annual Corn Feed.

Nalah and the Pink Tiger Tours

Nalah and the Pink Tiger tour by Anne Sawyer-AitchThanks to an Arts Tour grant from the Minnesota State Arts Board, Anne Sawyer is taking the Nalah and the Pink Tiger show to venues outside the Twin Cities in January and February of 2014. (more…)

Nalah and the Pink Tiger

Nalah and the Pink Tiger by Anne Sawyer-AitchThe book Nalah and the Pink Tiger was inspired by Anne and Jemiah’s lively little niece. Sawyer-Aitch wrote the story over two years ago, then developed a style which she calls Illuminated Illustration, featuring multiple layers, cut-outs, and backlighting.

In February, 2012, she delivered the last pages to the publisher, Scarletta Press.  The book was launched on March 17th, 2012 at In the Heart of the Beast Puppet and Mask Theatre.

Anne has also created a puppet show based on the book, and will be performing it around the metro area in libraries and local independent book stores.

Visit the Nalah and the Pink Tiger website to order the book and view the performance schedule.