Audience Commentary

What Audiences had to say about Children and Other Optical Illusions

“I loved the complexity, the juxtaposition of styles, the gorgeous puppets and props.” -Dr. Deborah Rich, Fairview Pregnancy and Prenatal Loss Foundation

“An amazing job with a tricky subject...well written and the performances were excellent. It was honest and very engaging. The mix of the gut wrenching, naturalistic scenes and the side trips with the brain worked very excellent piece of theatre.” -Kurt Hunter, Former President of Puppeteers of America and Founder of Hunter Marionettes.

“I want to say how fantastic I thought your play was. It was very moving and funny and sad and hopeful. Infertility and miscarriage affect so many people so much and yet we rarely see any dramatic or artistic treatment of them. Your play felt very honest and I think it was brave and wonderful of you to share your experience.” -Audience member

“Children and Other Optical Illusions moves quietly forward with care and intelligence. The show's insights flow freely,and they soak in heart to heart.” -Diane Rains, Freshwater Pearls Puppetry


dog and fainting woman shadow puppet by Anne Sawyer-Aitch